About us

"Quality prevails."
The property management company based in Frankfurt am Main was founded by Helmut Meyer in 1984.

Many years of managerial work in a heating and sanitary wholesale business, a legal education, interest in real estate and cooperation with architect Irma Meyer (sister) made the first refurbishments and extensions possible. Our main business field was and still is the development and letting of residential space in our home town of Frankfurt am Main. Even more than 35 years after our founding, we continue to focus on growth in this area.

"Quality prevails" - was the guiding principle from the beginning and remains so. This statement is also lived by the following generation, which is still studying and already working with us.


Below you can find an overview of a selection of our properties. If you are interested in renting, we would be pleased to hear from you.
Acquisition profile
Do you have an existing property or a plot of land and would like to offer it for sale?

We are looking for properties in central locations in Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach am Main that we can hold and develop for the long term. Preferred are properties with residential and commercial use and a usable floor space of 300sqm or more. The commercial share should not exceed 50%.

We would be pleased to hear from you.